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Do the mainlanders of China have any remote desire for the Democracy that their brethren in Hong Kong are fighting so desperately to cling to? Do they even care? Is there apathy? Do they pity HKers for having to fight so hard when communist China provides ‘well enough’ for mainlanders?

I’m so curious!!

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yes, ironically this is the master goal of stretching! the girl with the foot long steel rods has better hip flexibility than all of us!

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Pretty brilliant point of view if you ask me

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You are my dream candidate and politician. As a PhD in Biochemistry, I want you to know that you inspire me with your eloquence and sincerity. You have a really fantastic story. My only advice is to make sure that there is some fire in you too. Politics isn't about being sweet, but rather fighting for your constituents and winning. Don't forget that you must turn your passion into persuasion.

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I'm an oncologist and that's just far too little evidence to rule out a very typical hormonal imbalance that can remain well into adulthood.