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  • At the moment it's your summer (24/7 sunlight) - do you still stick to a 24 hour timetable? If you don't, do you tend to adopt a longer or shorter day? How does having no time cues affect you long-term; is it hard to adjust to?

  • How large an area can you search in a day - and what counts as a thorough search for you?

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Do you feel like the way the police service runs has changed over the years? Similarly, do you think the way the police are perceived by the public has changed? And have either of these things contributed to your feelings now?

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Biochem/biomed student here - variations of HIV viruses are indeed used occasionally. The idea of genetic engineering/gene therapy is to add genes to a cell, using the viruses as a vector (a vehicle to transport the genes).

As HIV naturally injects genetic material into white blood cells, HIV is used to reprogramme them to attack specific targets. See this article..

Although people are shocked at the use of HIV, it is only used because it targets white blood cells. Other viruses are used to target other cell types, e.g. flu viruses target the respiratory tract, and are being researched for use against cystic fibrosis.

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ah ofc - RT inhibitors would have to be small membrane permeable molecules, completely the opposite of antibodies :) thanks.

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How did the evacuation of the plane go? How many people remembered where the exits where, what to do in a crash etc., and how many people just blind panicked?

Could you remember the safety briefing you'd been given before takeoff at all?