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hypedstoic4 karma

As an outsider to the scene, it kinda feels like the discourse about mumble rap has a lot of parallells with how the talk went when the Punk scene erupted back in the day. "That isn't music, They're not skilled artists, just deadbeat junkies, there's no respect for the music that came before them" blah blah "kids these days!".

So I'm wondering if you think the hiphop scene is bound to follow the same patterns as the genres that came before them? Do you wish future artists will break norms/traditions of the current scene? And if so, how?

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Was Kallax built to cater to us vinyl collectors? Or is there something even more suitable?

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Do you have bets on when different volcanoes are due, and if so: which would be the top three?

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I hope you're right. It's usually more interesting seeing a new take rather than repetition.