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FYI. I had chemo for 6 months as a 16 year old. I also held sperm for many years in the bank without ever getting retested. At 34 years old I had my first child conceived naturally. At 37 I had my second conceived naturally. Moral of the story, chemo isn't always a "death" sentence for your swimmers. Get rechecked and possibly save the money of the yearly storage fee!! Best of luck brother!!

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Do you become aroused while writing? IF so, does it help you write better?

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This comment holds so much truth in so many things we do I think. What we do is never going to sounds as good to us because we know how we did it. It would be like seeing a magician but you know how all their tricks are done in advance.

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I had the same thing was I was 16! That was back in 1998. Really changes your perspective as a teen, doesn't it?