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What exactly does your PI license entitle you to? I mean, isn't it against the law to videotape people without their consent (I don't know the exact laws). Do you get access to people personal files that regular civilians don't? Does that not breach privacy laws? I guess what I'm getting at is that most people would consider it a breach of the law if you followed them around all day and might interpret it as an act of harassment/stalking. Again, I'm not familiar with the laws to if you could shine a light on exactly what special 'privileges' your license allows that might otherwise be against the law for normal people, that would be great! Thanks for doing this.

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Have you ever come across a situation where you would not go ahead with the repossession due to an extremely special circumstance? What would it take for you to not repossess in that situation?

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Thanks for posting that link. I am listening to it right now and am hooked.

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This is a terrible thing to happen. If this happened to my daughter I can honestly say I would be in jail after murdering the individual who did it. Koodus to you for how you handled it and probably saving her childhood.

Will you ever forgive him? Will you tell your daughter in the future about what her father did to her? How did his parents (your inlaws) react to the news, and what role do you see them having in your guys' future? Best of luck!