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When a someones death is an apparent accidental overdose due to drugs. I know there is a the delay for toxicology. Will a physical autopsy be done to see other factors contributing to the death?

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Is their a piece of music you've played that has emotionally or physically moved you? I find string instruments have the power to convey such feeling in their sound. There have been times I've been brought to tears when hearing something the first time.

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I've never done time, however I've personally known a few people that did short stints. What was observed during these short stays has left behind some crippling effects. I feel like the US prison system is like a puppy mill but worse. People are confined in small cages, treated inhumanely and forgotten. What I was told was unbelievable. They are stripped of their human dignity and put in unbearable conditions. This is not to say that there are definitely a percentage of criminals for brutal crimes that would deserve this treatment. However, I don't think the majority of criminals that are incarcerated are brutally violent, pediphiles/rapist, Jeffrey Dahmer's types or drug cartel drug lords who deserve supermax treatment.

A huge percentage of the incarcerated I would assume are either first time or small time non-violent repeat offenders. After being released they have a hard time acclimating back into society. They come out and can't find employment or housing, they are ostracized or even demonized. Not all, but enough.

So my questions are. If the US were to change their whole so called rehabilitation prison system to what I've seen in documentaries to the more progressive European style prison environments. Do you think this would have a positive effect on prison populations and the environments inside? Do you think these changes would have an effect on those being released? Do you think it would cause a lasting effect on those who might otherwise become repeat offenders? In general what changes do you feel would help change the revolving door of incarceration?

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That's understandable, thank you for the information.

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Dude, I'm so sorry. This sucks for you.

Has your Allergist given you some hope that you will age out of this? Just like over time we can become allergic to things. Is it possible that some of those things your allergic to will start to fade. Or would allergy shots help?

I'm sorry if that sounds stupid. I'm sure that I am not understanding this correctly. Yes, we can all have allergies. It's just not to volume or degree you have them, but also it's the severe anaphylaxis reaction that is so rare?