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Chuck, thanks for doing this AMA, I love your books and podcast so it’s good to see you on another platform.

My question revolves around scale- the strong towns movement seems to me to be growing in popularity and scope. Do you think there is a “tipping point” after which it will be possible to have a bigger impact, or simply be a bigger part of the national conversation? Alternatively, what does “success” of the movement look like to you?

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If you go, make sure to stop by bogota on the way to see if gondolas are the public transit of the future


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Strong Towns world tour when?

For real though I’d love some on-location consideration of what other countries’ development models have gotten right or wrong. Probably expensive and unrealistic but hey a man can dream

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I don’t think he’s really anti growth - one of the podcast episodes was with a guy who was advocating massive population growth (one billion Americans - the guy is less crazy than the idea sounds) and he and Chuck discussed the idea of growth, and what it means to be “anti-growth”


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One more question I’ve been mulling over - how do you reconcile opposite interests of homeowners and renters in a growing city?

In my rapidly growing city, homeowners want no growth to maximize the value of their biggest asset, whereas renters are more open to the idea of building additional housing because they’ll see the benefits of more affordable housing personally.