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But not if he arrives by boat.

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I’ll answer this for you as OP seems to have disappeared.

I typically ask them if they lost the original 2 purchases on their way home. I make a point of tapping the side of my nose while asking.

I then dole it out again making certain I get their address so I can party with them later.


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Hi there, I’m helping OP answer some of the trickier questions here. You can check my credentials above.

Playing a lot of shit music peppered with shouty ads helps the customer become confused and short tempered. This then aids us in selling non essential products like earplugs....or in your case an ear candling treatment.

Have a nice day, and don’t forget jelly beans are on sale today!


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His pic is at the top of the thread.

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Thanks for coming back. I was worried I was gunna have to cover some of the more delicate questions.

I’m not a properly certified chemist. I picked up my qualification on the Kho Sahn road.....even then they spelled my name wrong.

Good luck with this mate.