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This sounds like an amazing idea!

So it says in your post for every $25 deposited you get a recurring ticket? Do these reoccur forever or is there an expiration? Wouldn't the person with the most amount of money in savings (therefore the most $25 deposits), have a much higher chance of winning every week than everyone else?

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How much did make in a year from your business?

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How did you get your corporate job? I've always wanted a well-paying office job!

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I'm attempting a career change, by going back to school. I worked in live event production for several years, but covid really messed with that industry and I've decided to make a big change. I'm going back to school with hopes of becoming a web developer eventually.

Do you have any good tips for trying to make a career change to a completely different field?

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Do y’all have any representatives of the LGBTQ community working on your team? Please support the LGBTQ community fully, through hiring LGBTQ talent, supporting equal representation of queer people in video games, etc. if you plan on making money off of the LGBT community