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There are tribes in Papua New Guinea in which it is forbidden to speak to or be spoken to by one's in-laws. Brilliant.

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Aikido and a lot of traditional martial arts concern me in the sense that they seem to give their practitioners a false, if not inflated, sense of security. As someone who's done BJJ for years, which is much closer to real fighting, I have a strong sense for just how south things can go, and just how fast.

Does it concern you vis a vi your students' safety to be teaching a martial art that has little actual martial credibility? I mean no disrespect, but my understanding of Aikido is that it was essentially a finishing school for people who'd grown up in a culture of actual physical fighting. That's not the case for today's average practitioner.

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Well, it's good to hear you bring a strong sense of awareness to the practice. And I'll grant that breakfalls and whole-body movements are pretty helpful, fights and otherwise.