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Hey, you're more than welcome. I'm also socially awkward and anxious, so I probably saw what you were going through and felt the pain like it was happening to me.

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Not stable (income varies month to month), but I made over a million dollars last year, which should last me for a while (as long as I cut down on the booze and whores, which I'm going to do tomorrow. Promise).

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I'm going to try! I haven't really started the begging campaign for that yet. But I'm gonna stomp my feet and wail until they let me.

I mean, I wanted to play Holston since I'm all old and gray now, but they wanted someone who could act, so that was out.

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It gave us so much extra room to let the story breathe! I read two really good scripts for a film adaptation, and it was pretty impressive how much of the story they were able to tell, but a ton had to be left out. With ten hour-long episodes of commercial-free television, we were able to add to the story rather than subtract. I think the best stories are being told on television right now. Check out WARRIOR on HBO Max for a prime example.

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Yup! A memoir, a sequel to SAND, and I'm gonna start a new serialized story this summer. Just getting the first handful of entries done now. :)

Thanks for all the support over the years. Means a lot.