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So far, we haven't found any evidence of an actual crime. He bragged about sexually assaulting his ex-wife on forums, but it's unclear whether he actually did so beyond fantasizing online (he says he did not). Also, his ex-wife took her own life, so it's also unclear how any charges would be brought against him if it were true.

Hopefully, though, this story leads to more digging on Larson and these communities. We may have even brought some attention to this case from the DA or other authorities. That's yet unclear. -Andy

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Andy did the call, because we didn't think Nathan Larson would speak openly to a woman. I was in the room feeding questions to Andy on a Google Doc. Impressively, Andy managed to maintain his composure, even when Larson spoke about why adults should be able to have sex with their children. We were both pretty horrified throughout the conversation, but kept it professional. - Jess

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Nathan Larson was pretty open about his adoration of white supremacists (and Hitler), his advocacy for incest, his thoughts that women should be men's "property," and other disturbing views in his campaign manifesto. It's no surprise he secured less than 2 percent of the vote last year when he ran in Virginia’s House of Delegates District 31. -Jess

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Well, he didn't just declare himself a candidate. He's gained enough signatures to get on the ballot multiple times over the years. So here you have a public figure, running for office and getting votes, and now he's an admitted pedophile. That's huge. It's definitely worth writing up, no matter his chances in an election. -Andy

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Right. That said, if anyone sees evidence of a crime, by all means, call the authorities! We totally would if we saw clear evidence. Thanks a bunch for your words -Andy