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The UK Governments since 1979 have been completely or partially anti-science. When a scientist gives an evidence base that demonstrates that drug policy is nonsense; or, when it is demonstrated that UK University Science departments need foreign students in order to "do" science; or when evidence shows 50% of A&E Doctors migrate to Australia because of working conditions in the UK; the response of Politicians has nothing to do with the evidence. It is always some ideological axe being honed. This has resulted in a country that is happily destroying its own science base. I am not talking about Big Science or Industrial Science - but actual Simple Science - people understanding things such as vaccination or even just gravity.

So the question is: are you going to take notice of science even when the advice of Science goes against your ideology?

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Will the gloves be useful for anything other than music?

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Sign language is not that crazy an idea. (Crazier would be getting involved with Oculus Rift now it is the shiny new toy of the Imperium). Europe's Horizon 2020 might finance it as a FET idea.