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Take the money you would have paid for gold and donate it to his campaign.

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I understand that I might at any point suffer from some unforseen onset of crushed-by-a-car-syndrome. I have maintained a minimum of emergency only coverage ($30). The fact remains though that that is no longer allowed, I now have to pay $200/month for increase coverage to offset the cost of people who have not taken care of themselves. Even then I would not be so pissed off if, because my father sacrificed 22 years in the military I am NOT allowed to remain on my parents insurance until 26 while children of civilians who know nothing of that sacrifice ARE able to remain on their parents insurance. That portion of the ACA in particular I find completely reprehensible.

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Do you intend to do anything similar in support of Net Neutrality legislation?

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Why was that part not accliable to children of servicemen and women?

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If you could change one thing about the way or criminal justice system works what would you change?