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hsubox14 karma

One of the things I love most about your show is that you have this deep curiosity I find really rare these days, where you don't just stop at a funny headline or shocking story and start making jokes and spouting "takes". You guys hold off making conclusions or explaining "what this says about society today" (at least initially) and just dig and dig and dig and find all these things when so many other people would assume there's nothing more interesting to the story than the initial shocking headline. It's amazing to find that even in the most WTF headline stories, there are hidden stories behind them that are even more fascinating.

Do you guys ever feel bummed about how so many people out there just don't seem to have this curiosity? Not just that they don't "read past the headlines" but just the whole resignation to the idea there isn't anything behind the headlines to find? It's not a moral judgement about how everyone's so quick to judge but I feel like it makes the world feel emptier and less full of wonder. What can we do to get people to be more curious, just keep sharing Reply All style stories to let them know there's treasures to be found?

Thanks! Love the show!