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Please. For the love of god, visualize some Lovecraft for us. We need you to do this. Thanks so much for your work to date! The Devil's Backbone was my introduction, and changed the way I view supernatural thrillers.

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Is it really "abstract"? I always figured that the closer you get to hardware, the less abstracted you get from the electrical engineering. By abstract do you mean unintuitive?

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Yes x

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You can be hurt but still hold the resolve to use an approach that you think is right. In truly Buddhist form, you can be the pebble in the fast flowing river. You don't need to be swept up in it's current.

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What I liked about his philanthropy was that he never boasted about it. Many of his philanthropic actions were kept pretty secret and that is really cool.

In the world of philanthropy, this is one of the things we dread. The best way we see people get excited about contributing to the greater good around them is when they see their friends do it. For that reason, it is especially important to us that well-known personalities willing to part with significant portions of their wealth try hard to forget about anonymous giving, because giving with their name attached does far more good. It is definitely ok to be known as a giver, even by your fans, and almost never suggests cravenness or ego unless you are already a bad enough person to deserve it to begin with.

In no way am I suggesting Prince did wrong; giving at all is a blessing for everyone. But I would encourage you to support other artists and big givers to advertise loud and clear to their friends and family--not their fans--that they love supporting charitable causes. It's what really boosts support for giving.