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somehow we made it into Downey's son's bathtub

it's cool to have a 2 year old fan. It's pretty awesome.

Headlines tomorrow: "Jeremy Renner: I bathed with a 2 year old boy"

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Would you be willing to record a YouTube video of you singing "Let It Go" from Frozen?

I would love to see this.

edit: oh my god, he responded. I wasn't expecting that! I hope he delivers.

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Mo, I only know you from Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and I just wanted to say that I enjoy your contributions to that show!

Is Peter Sagal as cool as he sounds? Do you have Carl Kasell's voice on your answering machine?!

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You think that war defeated communism?

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I'm an atheist, but I have always enjoyed the lessons that can sometimes be found in religious parables, folk stories, and folk myths (as opposed to creation myths or epic myths). One of my favorite books is a collection of Hasidic Jewish folk tales.

As an ex-Muslim atheist, what do you think are some Islamic fables/stories/myths that are worth sharing with a non-Muslim audience? (Maybe because they have a good lesson or maybe just because they are entertaining.)

edit: If it's easier, you can answer with just an abbreviated name of the story, and I'll go google it to find the full story. No sense trying to write out an entire story!