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It comes down to 3 main things.

1 - Start writing your dreams down every morning in a journal, and after a few weeks you'll see 'dream signs'. You can use these to realise you're dreaming.

2 - Practice 'reality checks' throughout the day. This is where you 'test' your reality by doing something that has DIFFERENT results in waking life compared to the dream.

An example is trying to push your finger through the palm of your hand. In waking life this won't happen but in a dream it will. Do it enough during the day and it will filter through to your dreams and you'll suddenly know you're dreaming.

3 - Meditate. Being self aware is key to this, and most of the time we're sort of in 'auto pilot' during the day. This means when we dream we're not aware of it because we're so used to being absent minded. Meditating helps with this.

And then you could try various techniques like the wake back to bed, which involves waking up in the early hours of the morning, during your REM (Rapid eye movement) stage of sleep which is where dreams are most vivid. You then go back to sleep with the intention of keeping your MIND awake during the dream.

To learn more and get started, check this out - http://bit.ly/2bzt1BO

Or watch my YouTube videos, where I personally answer questions like the ones in this AMA in informal videos - http://bit.ly/2bLnAw7

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That's a VERY common problem for lots of people.

In a way, you've got to be able to be ENGAGED with the dream and aware, but at the same time slightly detached so that you don't get all excited and too emotional in the lucid dream.

Meditation helps LOADS with this, as it teaches you to be able to observe your feelings and thoughts instead of being caught up in them and all excited. Practice that every day.

Also, this just does come with practice. The more you lucid dream, the less you'll panic or wake yourself up. You sort of get used to it and learn to stay in the dream for longer and longer.

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Ah, classic. The main thing you need to do is start trying to remember them every morning. Get used to writing in a dream journal even if at first you're just writing 'no dreams recalled' every day.

After a few days, you WILL start remembering your dreams.

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It can be, yes. For example, if you want to create a PARTICULAR dream scene, you should meditate and visualize the scene or place you want to dream about.

Or, you could enter a lucid dream and just 'expect' that you'll arrive at your chosen scene by opening a door or something like that.

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Usually, 'lucid nightmares' are where you're lucid to the extent that you KNOW you're dreaming and that it's not real, BUT you're not quite all the way lucid.

You THINK you are, and that's the scary part. You THINK you're in control but really, you're just half lucid and still experiencing the nightmare, but in a more vivid and REAL way.

It can be scary, for sure.

You're right, though. A common way to end a nightmare such as this where you're sort of 'half lucid' is to just kill yourself in the dream, or try to close your eyes.