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There are many other ways to have safe sex when not on the pill, so please keep telling your partner you support her and would prefer her to be symptom free if getting off the pill will do that.

I have used the OC twice in my life (different types) and experienced horrible side effects- depression, mood swings and a low libido being the main ones.

My partner finally lost it with me one day and said “what the hell has being going on with you for the last 6 months?? I feel like I’m walking on eggshells and you flinch every time I touch you!”

I burst into tears and told him I thought it was the pill but I didn’t want to say anything because he had been asking me for almost a year to go on it so we didnt have to use protection anymore.

Luckily he said he’d rather wear a condom every time than have me go through all of that.

We have been together 11 years without the oral contraceptive, we use a mixture of either condoms (for about one week per month) and the rest of the time, either withdrawal, and we use the rhythm method to track when it’s safe for completely unprotected sex (your partner does need to be meticulous about tracking her cycle for this to work and you need to be committed to withdrawal EVERYTIME she says that’s what you have to do).

Before I get crucified saying this isn’t safe both control, studies do show that the rhythm method or fertility awareness methods (for women with regular cycles, when followed correctly - none of this, “oh it won’t matter just this once”) can be 95-97% effective as birth control.

My very long reply to you was mainly because I know that if my partner said I should take a break from the pill “even though that will mean we won’t have sex much”, I would maybe feel that was a sign that he wasn’t totally supportive and would maybe end up effecting our relationship as I start to feel responsible for changes to our sex life. It sounds like you are willing to try and I encourage you to really show her your support. It would mean a lot to her.

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How much are you paid per hour?