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Kevin weeks did an interview recently where he said that Johnny Depp's portrayal was all wrong and that Whitey never spoke that way to his colleagues or associates(?). Is that not true? The way you explain it makes it sound like he was portrayed correctly and was actually that volatile

The interview I mentioned: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/20/whitey-bulger-s-enforcer-slams-black-mass-the-movie-is-pure-fiction.html

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Hey, neat AMA, ill start i guess. Whats the main reason that the youth are there ? Like what did they do to end up there. Also, whats the most extreme case youve seen?

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What are some everyday applications of your companys product that we may see eventually? It sounds really interesting. Thanks for doing an AMA

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Are there any big downsides? Cost, or perhaps disposal?