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howHardIsIt2SignUp22 karma

why should i believe this isn't a self serving advertisement for your new show?

howHardIsIt2SignUp7 karma

how on earth do you get up and knowingly walk into that kind of emotional turmoil day after day after day after day?

i could not do that. not without drinking myself to sleep every night

howHardIsIt2SignUp5 karma

First thing, why should anyone trust you now?

Next thing, if you get elected the corrupt system that favors personal/party donors over all else will still be in place. How are you going to avoid having to support it and remain effective in office?

Next thing, maybe you are the only incorruptible person in govt, how are you going to get anything done surrounded by people who's livelihoods ate a direct result of serving/maintaining the corrupt system?

"just trust me, I'm not like them" is exactly what got us into the mess we're in now

howHardIsIt2SignUp1 karma

I ask this of all candidates doing AMAs and have so far gotten 2 answers

Why should the people trust you to be different?

Political parties operate on money donated by campaign contributors in exchange for legislation favoring those contributors interests, business or otherwise.

Are you going to continue this process? If so, what makes you any different or better than any other politician?

If not, then how do you plan to get any meaningful legislation passed for the people you ostensibly represent?

If you are truly concerned with helping people then why not get an honest, albeit low paying job with no perks, no lifetime benefits, no connections to powerful people and the legal requirement you obey insider trading laws like the rest of us.

Go ahead and show this to your handlers if you don't understand it. They'll explain it to you.