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Tobias!! My girlfriends and I all had book-character-crushes on him for some inexplicable reason. Maybe this relates to that guy-with-a-hawk-getting-the-girl memes?

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Wait, B2 is considered fluent? I was B2 in German three years ago and am now way past C2 level and still wouldn't consider myself fluent, since I don't write or speak with perfect grammar and have trouble understanding some accents. When I can write in German with the same ease I write in English - only then will I consider myself fluent.

What do you define as fluency? I would consider anything below C2 as "proficiency." After C2 it is acceptable to call yourself fluent, even though it may not technically be true. Is this inaccurate? I feel like there has to be some difference between a C2 level and being able to write and speak without error.