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Was DACA an executive order or was it passed by Congress?

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Is Zed really dead as per Bruce Willis?

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Does spicy food trigger and outbreak?

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Those numbers are for the US only... And there are more "things" killing people than covid.. Also, dying from or dying with are very distinct morbidities.


And the CDC quietly adjusted the numbers here in the states

As of Aug. 26, the CDC said, there were 161,332 deaths where COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate. Social media users over the weekend posted an older screenshot of the data that showed 153,504 deaths. The posts used the 6% figure to claim the U.S. death toll was much lower—9,210.

"CDC just backpedaled (quietly) and adjusted the U.S. COVID deaths from 153,504 to 9,210. Admitting that their numbers are so (expletive) that they are off by a whopping 94%," said a post being shared on Facebook Monday.

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What's the number one requested song to play?