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Thanks to Histeria, I will never forget how to say "the elephant is gray and large" in spanish.

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A mime with a psych degree sounds dangerous. Do you plan to get into organized/unorganized crime after college?

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I want an executive producer credit.

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Austinite here,

I used to go to the Drafthouse on a regular basis for a while. I stopped going as much when the Galaxy Moviehouse and Eatery opened up because they are closer to the area I tend to be when watching movies, and they have nicer seats/tables. I missed the pre-movie entertainment.

Recently, I screened Oblivion at the Village location with work. Needless to say, your menu has pretty much convinced me that I'm mostly done with your offerings.

The increase in prices as well as the decrease of quality of food was awful.

I would love to see the food get back to where it was. But the direction you guys are heading is keeping me away right now.

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This is not correct. First, the term hot dog refers to the sausage itself. It is a type of sausage. The sausage is then placed on a single bun that's been sliced half way through.

Second, the term taco refers to a dish involving things being wrapped up in a tortilla. Without the tortilla, you have a different type of dish.

Third, The term hamburger officially refers to the patty, not the sandwich. A hamburger is often the protein included in a sandwich. Nobody says hamburger sandwich because it's such a common occurrence that the bun is assumed as part of the order. This is why eating a hamburger where the bun is replaced by two leafs of lettuce is still a hamburger, however a taco where the tortilla is replaced by a leaf of lettuce is now a lettuce wrap.