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I fell through a factory roof pretty early on. Luckily my tripod got wedged in the hole and I didn't go all the way through (30 foot drop onto rebar). There were some moments where the pregnant character in the film is using every drug under the sun. Those were tough as a filmmaker/human. But I never really got close to calling it quits. I think I pushed a lot of stuff to the background, choosing to deal with it later. Which I am now, for better or worse.

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Great question. I can't get too in-depth but it was certainly an issue we were concerned about and ended up dealing with in post. There is a lot of creative leeway with docs and filmmaking in general, but we had a lot of work to do after our "film first, legal later" approach.

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In retrospect, I do. I always kept the gear in perfect mint condition, (it was usually a computer to edit) and I stopped doing it towards the end.

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Oh. I read that wrong. Quit teaching?

Yeah. I was accepted to a teaching program here in NY and the whole process really turned me off. It was a huge money-suck, leading up to an even bigger money suck. And while I loved teaching abroad, I became further disillusioned with the US educational system my first few weeks into the master's process.

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