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its very odd that they don't make something like this happen, even just to avoid the sentence that gets added to reviews, like the one from engadget "Adding insult to injury, it's not even included in the box; it's an optional $130 accessory" This sentence could be much better if there was some way to get them bundled at a discount.

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Thanks for doing this! How big of a missing piece is Trump's tax returns really to help complete the story regarding his conflicts of interest? Is it the one thing you guys are missing, or is it a small piece of the puzzle?

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What is standing in your way on making Washington Week an hour long broadcast? how come the "webcast extra" is only ~10 minutes when many weeks it seems like you guys could go on and on.

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how much did you want to pop David Zurawik in the nose for his commentary that the PBS Newshour was not a "real nightly newscast" ?

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My favorite part of the daily show is when video clips of elected officials (of the other party, of course) are shown that demonstrate their complete hypocrisy to whatever their current position of the day is.
Why does the newshour not use similar plain as day exposure when interviewing and investigating politicians (e.g. "here is a clip of you saying something very different only 6 months ago")