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While a large segment of focus has been on the IP chapter of the proposed agreement, what are the other sections that bear concern? And how is the creation of yet another closed shop trade bloc not in violation of WTO guidelines? Weren't we supposed to be opening things up in h'yah?

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Hey guys! Amazing to see your ama pop up! The blue plaques have been my little doorway to learning when I’m out and about! Got quite a few questions - apologies for being greedy!

What do you see as the biggest threats to the preservation of English cultural heritage? How can people help preserve important modern cultural areas such as Granby Markets in Liverpool, Spittlefields etc and others from development encroachment? Do you have any particular vulnerable sites or areas you feel the public attention needs to be alerted about?

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What’s your view on current established treatments in psychedelic therapy, such as ibogaine, LSD, psilocybin etc, to address addiction?

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Hi Alex! Do you ever feel any guilt for your organisation’s role in the assassination of democratically elected leaders, trade unionists and political activists of other countries?

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Hi Kate,

It’s Ashwin - I’ll always remember you as the heart and soul of Deptford and New Cross, always with nice things to say and turning up to my leaving do at the Camberwell Arms to give me a hug before I left for New York (about 6 years back). So unbelievable happy and proud you’re still smashing the shit out of it all.

What UK Hip Hop have you got on your personal playlist - and are Too Many Ts on there? ;)