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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. Can I ask what the point of Google Earth was, when there's Google maps was gonna be made?

Also, what do you think about apple maps lol?

Also, how did you guys respond to those deaths or accidents that were caused by manics blindlessly following Google maps, because surely the media put most of the blame on Google. Thanks a lot!

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How were you able to built up your resume to run for Congress? Thankss

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I took a look at your Instagram and you should definitely start selling your goods online! I'd love to buy a custom pair of shoe form you. What's your favourite style or shoe and why? Since you mentioned that ecco is on the expensive side, how much do formal dress shoes cost in Russia? Also, how do you choose to price your shoes, is it a constant cost on top of material cost or depend on the amount of hours you spend on a shoe? Sorry for the questions, because I'm super interested in shoe making. Thanks!

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Very interesting. I just saw your autumn leaves shoe, very cool.

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I'm not sure if this was asked before, but what do you think was the key factor that allowed a democrat become a Congress of a historically republican state? Many thanks.