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I got excited, thinking there was some easy, concise method that we've all just been ignorant to all these years.

Then I read your response. I can't intuition or algorithm.

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"Chimp battle"

Didn't know there was such a thing. All the other violent chimp encounters I have heard of were referred to as "attacks," which suggests that the person being attacked was a victim. Not this guy. Kid did BATTLE with a chimp. Hand to hand combat. And didn't die. Destined for greatness.

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Dude I used to be a wood/tone guy until I saw the whole thing scientifically debunked.

It's all about the pickups. The same pickups in a '59 Les Paul would sound the same embedded in concrete.

It's still hard for me to get over. I'll try to find the link.

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How commonplace is it to have tools and someone aboard with working knowledge of the specific mechanical equipment? Did you have anyone?

One reason I never took my fishing boat into the ocean is that if the engine stopped, I wouldn't know even the basics of how to diagnose the problem or get it running again if possible.

I would think especially on a crewed vessel in the open ocean far from shore, it would be a requirement to have a mechanic on board.

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Maybe the answer supported his agenda.