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How are you feeling? As a 32 year old diagnosed 3 years ago with end stage renal disease, I wish you the best of luck on your hunt. I hope peritoneal is working out for you, it made my body react in such weird ways to the point where i lost all muscle in my legs and was barely able to walk. Ever since i went back on hemodialysis, my strength began to return and i can walk better as I still can’t move my toes and don’t have much range of movement in my ankles. Best of luck to you

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Any specific medicine you are currently on?

As a person currently at dialysis as i type, thank you

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How long have you been on the transplant list?

I am in the same boat as you, I was diagnosed with end stage last year after never having any problems, after 4 months on Hemo I went on to PD, which evidently didn't take enough toxins out and within 6 months I went from being totally mobile to now being in a wheelchair with sever e metabolic neuropathy. I am back on Hemo and starting to feel a little better but still have lost total feeling in my Feet. I just got the last surgery that I needed to get on the transplant list last week. Good luck to you my friend

Keep an eye out for this but my nephrologist and every other doctor I have seen has never saw it escalate this quickly.

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I can stand enough to sit in a chair or get into bed, but I have no balance so I have to hold onto something at all times, in November I actually fell while using a walker and fractured my ankle and broke 3 bones in my other leg so that made the decision to be in it permanently.

They told me that my brother is a 3/4 chance to be a match and he can get officially tested when I get on the list.

Luckily I do not have diabetes, it's just weird as the feelings that I remember like how to move my toes, I feel like it's doing something but nothing moves, I have also lost all muscle in my calves and it hurts when any pressure touch them.

Mine is just a very weird progression but I have a wife and 4 year old that I have to keep positive for

Hope the best for you through the transplant process and keep your head up high.

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Pm me if you have questions on home hemo, hopefully i won’t hear from you as that means you’re still progressing