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Not until they were 18

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Yes. It is safer, both in the short and long term, than either alcohol or tobacco, with little-to-no long term functional impairment.

"Long-term effects of frequent cannabis use on working memory and attention: an fMRI study" Gerry Jager, Rene S. Kahn, Wim Van Den Brink, Jan M. Van Ree and Nick F. Ramsey

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Yes, each for a different reason. Mango, for example, is high in myrcene, a terpene found also in cannabis. Myrcene has been found anecdotally to prolonog the high of cannabis. The current theory holds that terpenes affect the binding of THC to the different CB receptors found throughout the body, thus changing the high as well as the physiological effects. Terpenes have also been found to enhance the crossing of cannabinoids and other drugs through various tissue barriers, thus increasing absorption. Here is an article on various terpenes in cannabis :[Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts; DOI:10.1300/J175v01n03_08 ; John M. McPartland & Ethan B. Russo pages 103-132]

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The biggest misconception is that it is in some way poisonous to people or that you can get some kind of brain damage from a potency that is too high. It is completely safe at any dose ... unless you inject concentrated THC directly into your brain.

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Smoking anything can cause bad breath as it interferes with the natural bacteria which live on the tongue.