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the family doctors didn't take my balls seriously but a urologist did!

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I doubt he's going to hold a grudge for 10 years sitting in prison with nothing else to think about.

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I'm pretty far into the nerd spectrum and have built PFsense boxes and other linux boxes to play around with, but running a dedicated old PC as a router makes even me say ".....nah".

Its a good solution for security, but not realistic outside of businesses.

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When my cable card was setup, I had to have 2 techs come out to get the thing working. The first card was 'bad', and on the second card, the error ended up being an authorization issue because the tech on the phone had no idea what a cablecard was.

The cablecard software is on your end. The Tivo software (or HDhomerun or whatever) has no interface or options, it either authorizes or it doesn't.

I have no experience with tuning adapters.

The bottom line is if you stick a working cablecard in a tivo and auth it correctly, it works.

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I see. I was under the impression that only one had a gun, and that if you were to charge them and keep them from using it, would you choose to finish the fight physically rather than running.

I suppose two guns does complicate that.