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Recently, I believe, the second man ever was just cured of HIV. Hopefully the treatment he underwent becomes widely available.

Anyways for my question: Has this ever put a strain on your relationship with your parents?

I know I would not have been mature enough to handle this with grace, at say, age 15-18.

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This is more of a philosophical question, so I doubt you have any interest.

Do you believe it possible for someone to desensitize themselves in order to commit atrocities or do you believe that regardless of said desensitization they would do it anyway?

While you would like to think people don’t shoot the app designer, marilynn Manson took heavy heat for someone having his poster in their room. Make sure to approach this responsibly.

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Pack it up, I think we’re done here.

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Yeah, while picturing a queasy to the sight of blood serial killer would make for a good SNL skit, I also can’t personally see this as reality. Cheers and have a good weekend.