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what’s the most important thing you think others in the world should know about the people if nepal?

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my mom had 37 years between my father’s death and hers to ponder her wishes. she had a thing about matching and symmetry. (math nerd) but my dad hated 2 sided headstones, where one side was empty. (he used to say, “what? coming attractions?”) so it was important to her to have her headstone match my father’s as much as possible. (being jewish, very simple, no epitaph) the only thing unique i was able to have was the symbol at the top, since my father’s stone has a square and compass, the freemason symbol. what one sentence would you like on your headstone? most people have things like “beloved ______ .” or a religious symbol. my mom planned her whole funeral (which was a blessing), but i would have liked her to pick an epitaph (honestly, both my parents would have chosen some sarcastic or smartass quip.) but in all honesty, even if it’s sarcastic or snarky, what would you choose? i believe that it’s so important for people to talk honestly and directly about their desires directly following their death, but my experience is people only talk about their end of life desires (which is good too).

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sending you wishes for peace of mind.

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i’d be interested in his POV. i get why others wanna know what turned the atheist into a catholic.

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