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honeybeary638 karma

Are you afraid? I know this might seem stupid but I've always imagined myself in this situation and felt like I'd feel a sense of peace, especially being able to get all of your affairs in order.

What are some things you plan to do before you get too weak?

Also cancer sucks, im sorry you have to go through this.

honeybeary16 karma

Absolutely. That sounds beautiful. Giving your family and friends the time to say goodbye and be open with their feelings is so important.

I lost my grandma to cancer and was with her every step of the way until she took her last breath, and i have to tell you it brought me a lot of comfort. I knew she was okay and no longer struggling. I think what you have been able to do for your family will go such a long way for their healing and they will always have special memories of you.

You are a beautiful soul and it will live on in your children and friends. Please tell my dog miller in heaven that I love him and ill see him soon.

I'll be thinking and praying for an easy transition for you.