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Damn as someone from Norway that really is some juicy gossip right there.

Edit: Kristofferson for that subtle extra shade, amirite?

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How much time did you have to actually relax? How much time did you spend practicing? Did you have any other people who were not teammates/ olympics related travel with you to South Korea? And how do you olympians deal with nervousness/ generally being nervous and the pressure before actually performing in the Olympics?

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For Norway cross country skiing is literally almost the same as bicycling.

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I'm guessing they have trouble with the skiing part then. And apparently the modern form of biathlon has its origins in Norway (as with most other skiing related olympic sports as well I'm guessing).

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Hva studerer du? Hvordan fikk du jobben? Hvor mye fysisk belastende vil du si at arbeidet er? Hvordan er den daglige rutinen osv/ tidene du jobber?