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Hi lawyers!

Cannabis is still widely illegal around a major part of the world. Where I come from, possessing cannabis within the territories of the country means I can face a death sentence. I usually smoke it when I come to Europe - at least the countries that allow it.

I'm sure as lawyers, you have seen how laws "transform" as regulators observe the public's behavior towards its consumption. When cannabis was first legalized in some states, I'm sure people had the opportunity to take advantage of certain loopholes which was then "patched" by the regulators.

Now imagine me, a potential cannabis businessman, starting a company in a new country/state which has just recently legalized weed for recreational use. From your experience, what sorts of loopholes you've seen people exploit before the government "patches" these loopholes?

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Have you been solicited sexual favors?

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Dear Professor, thank you for sharing with us today.

I graduated from a rather top-tier university (not Ivy League) in a rather intelligent town (I think this is enough to narrow down where I studied). Even in my school, I noticed that the pressure that drove people in my college makes them mentally stressed. There was this feeling ambling around that says we have to work a cut harder than others to prove our worth. So I noticed around my community that people were cutting themselves, failing to seek help, and one good friend of mine gave me a good stash of money to "invest in las vegas " before he committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

I also frequently visited my friend who studied in Harvard University. This friend was the #1 guy in our high school while I was somewhere along #15-20. He was telling me that he was not doing so well in school and he looked unhappy when I visited him the first time. As I see him gradually, he looked more stressed, more anxious and more paranoid. The thought of him failing Harvard was terrifying me considering he was leaps and bounds above his class (including me). He graduated with some sort of PTSD, always appear paranoid and always had the feeling that people are out there to get him. He became quite rude as well when things did not go his way.

Question: Should a higher emphasis on mental health awareness be put on schools that are on the top 200 in the world?

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Why are archaeologists not digging below the Stonehenge to reveal extra parts? I watched in a recent movie that the Stonehenge is used as a teleportation device. Is that true?