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Forgive me, I am unfamiliar with this case but will be reading more into it. Did the Rogers' have a financial incentive for wanting to keep custody of you and your brother? I know nowadays there is an incentive for foster parents but this was a long time ago so things may have been different then. Why were they so determined to take in and keep so many children?

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What is the best way to describe the pain of losing a child becoming more bearable with time without minimizing the significance of the loss? Even as a mother who knows this pain, I do not know what the right thing is to say to help someone else. I'm at a loss every time and end up saying nothing because I don't want to give the impression that you just get over it with time but in the immediate I want them to know this intense overwhelming pain will get better and that they will find some joy again.

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Good for you not letting their ignorance get to you. What you have voluntered for is a great contribution to society, and future medical care. Thank you.

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Lard can also be used. Basically the fat from any animal can be used.

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It is not just India, he also did an Asian country or two. They were all good and I agree it showed a new side to him that I actually liked.