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For me, passive, although there is like a 5% more chance of heart disease but that's nothing. Although there is a high change of having PCD which isn't fun from what ive heard

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Ive never looked into that! I imagine quite hard, kinda scary to think about lol

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I was diagnosed as a baby, they took me from my parents saying something is wrong with my heart but they dont know what - cant imagine what my parents went through haha

And pretty much every one I see lol, was in an ambulance recently as id cut my eardrum or something and it come up in a conversation we were having with this old doctor and he got this massive smile and looked like a kid on Christmas, and asked if he could please do a scan as hes always been interested but never seen it before, its always made me feel like a freak but aww you shoulda seen his face haha

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Haha never thought of that, I have heard of alot of people with SI being left handed but im right so i dunno haha