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Sidney, I'm reacting to what you and Sarah are saying in this AMA. She's clearly indicated that NAL requires much more strict evidence than a search warrant, but that this evidence requirement is being wholly ignored. Is that not a problem?

OK, let me take a step back. Since you say the NYPD are abusing this law, and the courts are allowing it, but none of it is "deliberate", do you think the problems are in how the law was written, EG that the law does not exclude residences from being targeted?

EDIT: you elsewhere stated that you think a rewrite of the law would be burdensome and unnecessary, and that the NYPD and the courts need "a firm understanding of due process and "clear and convincing" evidence. And perhaps the meaning of fairness."

I just want to know what you think will enforce the courts and PD to apply due process, fairness, and enforcing the appropriate evidence burden? A DoJ investigation? At what point does chronic unfair misapplication of due process, and ignorance of the law if not "deliberate", become grounds for firing someone?

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Do you think chronic misapplication of a law such as this, ignoring the requirements for 1. "clear and convincing" evidence of ongoing activity and 2. posing an immediate threat to the community, could be grounds for impeachment of the judges involved?

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hire a money manager or a talented CFO

The Double Fine Adventure Documentary covered this in a few episodes, but producers in the company such as Greg Rice already perform this role, and Justin Bailey as COO also did some financial management before he left to found Fig.

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What can and should other countries do to help Afghanistan achieve stability and safety for its civilians?

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When Double Fine gained ownership of Psychonauts, your team went back and tweaked the infamous Meat Circus.

Are there other DF games that you'd love to go back and update in a similar manner?

What circumstances would make that kind of fixing/balancing possible?