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Is there a way you can help the deaf/hard of hearing community get more of the masks with clear inserts (so they can read lips)? It's been really hard for the Deaf. Also, my 4 year old son wears hearing aids, and he won't be able to see his speech therapist with Children's Hospital until they can find these -- since all the providers have to wear masks now, and you can't really do speech therapy with a DHH kiddo without being able to see each other's mouths. Thank you! I think you've been doing a great job.

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Thanks for responding! Yes, he does -- he's been doing speech via telemedicine since late March, but it's just not the same. They usually play physical games while they work. He's made such strides and the video chat version of therapy just doesn't work as well. Also video chats with a cranky preschooler can be very interesting :)

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OK, I gotta ask, as one who already asked a question (and overall thinks you're doing a good job) ... what do you think of hospitals in CO deciding to furlough/lay off/cut pay of employees bc of lack of work (mainly due to lack of elective procedures)? Personally, when I first thought of the coronavirus pandemic, I pictured sick people overflowing into the halls of our hospitals, similar to the photos of Italy. Instead, my husband, who works for a large Centura facility, was asked to take two weeks of PTO he didn't have. I have a hard time jiving those two things.

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I'll be very interested to hear those stories!

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Why does the state of Colorado have such a high number of cases? Is it because of a higher amount of testing?