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Why do you write for strangers in parks?

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Did Charley stay with you? Do you take him around everywhere? Also, how long does it take you to write a poem? How much variation is there?

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Are video game "specialists" like you, which do research and theory a lot, in demand in the industry in any way? Or in other industries? I noticed I might have an opportunity to study game studies but I think the job market for that kind of degree isn't too promising. Have you guys studied game design as such? What kind of work have you done and did it pay enough (to live)?

And Mia, where do your students usually go after studying? How is the job market?

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Really quick rundown of a complicated situation:

So I met this girl as a friend first some months ago, we liked hanging out around each other, a week ago she confessed her feelings and I felt the same and we spent a magical week together. Now she is leaving for an exchange (we're studying) and I am also currently on exchange and going back to my home country before she will return. So except for one thing we're planning in a short period where we're coincidentally pretty close geographically, I probably will never see her again.

We were both miserable that we had to say goodbye. BUT I could change my future plans a bit to do my master's degree abroad. However, the earliest I'll see her again then is in around one and a half years.

Do you think it's possible we could just be friends and text each other from time to time, and then start a relationship after we're in the same place again? I'm kind of afraid that our feelings might just fizzle out when we don't see each other for so long. But then again we told each other that if this split wasn't happening we would both like to have something serious.