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if you don't mind me asking... what is the relationship between your mother and father? any blood relationships there? How did you feel when you discovered that if so (or was it not a big deal / still not a big deal to think about?)

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and only 7 sentences... but 23 fucking commas hahah

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i'm so sorry you had that assumption thrown on you. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Testicular Cancer.

I had originally gone to the clinic / doctor on campus and even though I explained I was a virgin he basically TOLD me I had an STD / STI and thats what made my nut 3x it's size and hurt like bloody hell.

By the time I realized he was a twat and his meds weren't working ( a week later or so) I went to my real doctor back home and was immediately diagnosed with Testicular cancer. In the one week it had gone from just the testical to spreading to my abdomen and spotted all over my lungs.

suffice to say I was pretty pissed a doctor had completely ignored my symptoms and forced an assumption based off of my peers and what they were 'likely' to contract.

Had I had it removed a week earlier it would have likely just been the surgery and 1 round of chemo to be safe, instead I had to go through 4 rounds of one of the most brutal and aggresive types of chemo. I was in the infusion room 5 days a week from 8am to 6pm hooked up to fluids and chemo for 5 months straight, it was complete hell.

Doctors need to quit being lazy and listen to their patients and their ACTUAL symptoms sometimes.

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plot twist.... $57,000 car #2 is headed in the opposite direction as car #1.... you just jumped infront of a flatbed truck moving 120mph relative to you... duhn duhn duhnnnnnnn

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haha, they LITERALLY picked and chose which parts to agree with. Read the link above and they quote the first 2 portions of the 2nd ammendment but completely ignore, the 3rd, most important part that they quoted not just a sentence before. "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed".

I find this pretty amusing. good job lawyers, gooooood job.