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Felt like they just wanted the title and attached it to a different script...

Really should get a series on Netflix or something

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Big Fan

If you could pass any one law/change any 1 thing in America what would it be?

I would change the policy on lobbyists. Withought knowing more i'd be for outlawing them completely. Insurance/banking/pharm lobbyists outnumber each congressman many times over. I often get the feeling of "we the corporations" instead of "we the people". How do you feel about the joke "Politicians should wear advertisers on their sleeves like nascar races so the people know who they are really voting for."?

Have you had any experience with lobbyists you'd like to share?

Any thoughts for running for a different political office?

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also many call a pie w/ beef a 'shepherds pie' but that's a cottage pie. Sheperds pie has to have lamb in it.

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Trying every combination of sequences or replacements and looking to see if any real words come out.

A = 1, b = 2... nothing? a = 2, b = 3, ... nothing? etc.

Something like that, like he said, brute force.

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Keep in mind, some of the best puzzles had misspelled words so dictionary searches in decryptors wouldn't pick them up.

(like the famous one at langly, cia headquarters)

Are you doing anything to combat that?