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hjwiberg255 karma

Being visually impaired myself and working for the Danish Blind Association gave me a lot of insights that gave me the idea for the app. A friend of mine was using FaceTime to get visual assistance, but the problem was that he always had to call someone specific. This gave me the idea for the volunteer network.

And thank you for being a volunteer!

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We are a for-profit organization but we believe in purpose and profit. The app is totally free for the blind users, and the money we make is used to make the app sustainable

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Thank you! And say hello to your uncle.

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Yes it is end to end. If you want a more technical answer to your question, please send an email to [email protected] and we can include our tech people :)

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Thank you for the nice words!

I am almost completely blind myself, so we always keep the blind user in mind. Everything is tested to make sure it works with all accessibility features. We also make sure to keep the UI as user-friendly as possible to make sure it's easy to navigate for people using accessibility features.