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Long time fan here. Thanks for answering questions!

When I was first listening to Finest Hour when it was released, I noticed that after your "Dr. Suess on an angry pussy hunt" punchline, you told the audience to "strap in". This stood out to me as I recall you saying ealier in your stand up career that whenever a comedian tells you to strap in, or that they're dangerous, that the next material is inevitably about how dogs are different than cats.

Do you find that topics you covered when you were younger, or attitudes you had about comedy, have changed a lot as you've gotten older? Aside from the fact that you once described a trail of comic books leading into your wife's vagina as a trap to get her pregnant, and now have a daughter, what are the most significant differences in your comedic world view that you can think of?

Once again, thanks so much for: all the albums, the graduation speech you posted online, Comedians of Comedy, your parks and rec star wars rant, etc.