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Obviously not the man you are asking but I've been thinking about this.and I think Nosedive. In terms of realistic outcomes of technology at least. We already see the early stages of it with Uber, Air BnB and many other apps now asking you to rate each other. A higher rating makes you more trustworthy. In its current usage this makes complete sense because the internet is scary. But Nosedive to me is essentially that concept above mixed with Facebook. At the moment people post on Facebook and get likes and attention based on its perceived quality.

I could legitimately see how this could merge. An interesting angle not explored in the show is how much backlash there would be against such an idea.

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Does your organisation have a certain philosophy that you base your activism on?

We recognise the government need some additional powers the argument I suppose is how far those powers should go. Understanding your philosophy will help me to understand if your work is something I should support

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The exact same argument basically justifies an open border.

America having a history of immigration doesn't justify people illegally entering the country. So I don't understand why you've mentioned it beyond yet more appeals to emotion.