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Bill Gates loves Steam confirmed. Still a PC person.

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Hi Mr. Gates!

Thanks for doing this AMA! You are doing a lot of work eradicating diseases like Polio. In fact you've said that the diseases malaria and polio could be eradicated within the next 15 years, with polio gone as soon as 2019. I'd like to know which other deadly diseases that you think could be either 100% curable affordably or gone completely by 2050?

And one more thing, you have said previously that you think AI can pose a serious threleat to humanity. I'd like to ask, apart from a killswitch, which other precautionary measures we could take to ensure that AI behaves well and doesn't wipe us out?,

Thanks a lot Mr. Gates!

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Didn't expect to find a Tinder roast here!

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Richest man, but the best man. Thanks a lot for your efforts in solving problems in the world one at a time!

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I'm also worried about climate change. US is out of the Paris deal which is a huge letdown and step backwards.