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Good for you for getting out and not having drug / alcohol issues and being in college. A friend of mine in high school grew up with an addict mother, and after staying at friends houses for months or living in motels with his mother CPS finally got involved and put him in foster care.

His foster mother was a real sweet woman. She only had him at her apartment, and was talking about getting him into a technical school after high school, all that stuff. Mother got out of jail, the courts let him decide if he wanted to stay in foster care or go with his mother. He picked his mom.

He dropped out of high school, never got his GED, never any other form of higher education. His mother died, and he stayed with her until the end, and after her death he was left with nothing, and he's been moving from place to place and who ever will let him stay with them sense. It breaks my heart.

Although your situation sounds crappy, it makes me so happy to see that someone pulled their life together after this, even if my friend couldn't.

hips_likecinderella1 karma

It was bad for him, my family wanted to foster and adopt him, but he stopped going to class and caring about life, and got into the same drugs that brought down his mom, and my parents didn't want to bring that into their home.