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Have you tried stardew valley? do you think the controls can be adjusted for your playstyle? It just got ported to the XBOne. I'd love for you to be able to play it.

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How's this Ama working considering the influx? I usually get good responses and I still get nervous when I see the orange mail symbol.

Edit: [Triggering intensifies]

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Too much tuna.

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The question was, did you understand the law behind this. Turns out there isnt one law there are many and he gave one as an example. This IS an answer. You ARE a piece of shit.

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Sweet. Next time I hear word we'll message this account and get things going. We drive up from Philly. You go to Temple right? If not the invite still stands of course. But I didn't want to invite you someplace that was super inconvenient for you without a ride availible for you.